Ch.7 I think we’re alone now

“I think we’re alone now
there doesn’t seem to be anyone around
I think we’re alone now
the beating of our hearts is the only sound.”

– Tiffany

Jeremy took the blindfold from the box and gently tied it around me. I stood there in darkness; wondering, welcoming, wanting whatever happened next. The blindness delaying each new sensation and heightening its effect.

I felt his hands on my shoulders and his lips on mine. We kissed passionately for a moment then he withdrew. Then he resumed, pausing just beyond my lips before returning to me again. Ecstasy and agony increasing slowly with each contact and each denial.

Hands slowly moved over my body unseen, caressing my arms, my back, my ass. Another kiss and his hands were on my hips, fingers searching for a way in. Another and his palms were warm against my skin. One more and my shirt began to rise from my waist.

My shorts came down next, softer kisses on my belly and hips, hands on my legs and bum. So wet. A pause and his hands were on my bra, fingers tracing the line where fabric met flesh. I quivered on the edge the abyss, the final barrier before the plunge. My bra slowly came up and over my head, great attention not to disturb the blindfold. Suddenly I was free, the cool air causing me to shiver and harden. Warm breath and kisses on each breast, softer still. I gushed and moistened.

More kisses on my belly, firm hands on my ass. A kiss on my pants now saturated with anticipation. A pause, one more kiss, and slowly my pants fell away. I was his, naked and vulnerable. He could do anything and I wanted him to do it. Kisses on my thighs, hands on my bum. A pause, then he lowered me to the chair.


Alone in Alison’s room at last I tied the blindfold around her as she leaned into the moment. Slowly I stripped her till she stood there naked, unflinching, welcoming my attention. Her body was athletic and toned, young, firm and proud.

She was perfect.


I was so wet now that I could feel it puddling up on the chair beneath me. Another pause, the silence only broken by my breathing. His hands on me again, gently caressing every curve. Kisses on my mouth, my neck, my breasts. Hands slowly moving over me. Kisses on my thighs, hands gently easing my legs apart. More kisses, a nibble! A tongue on my clit.

“Oh God yes, please!” Kisses, closer, warm breath, closer, a tongue. Hands everywhere. A tongue, a tongue, oh fuck yes…. a tongue!


Alison arched and shuddered. I kneaded her bum as she squeezed her breasts, breathing hard and smiling. She held her breath, her wetness on my face.

Moaning she cried out, “Yep, yep, yes, fuck, fuck, oh fuck!”

I released her then pulled back slightly, using the view to memorise this moment. Her outstanding beauty, her bliss, her.


I shuddered in the darkness, waves of pleasure enveloping me. I was done but I didn’t dare move without Jeremy’s permission. I had given him total control of me. I was his to use and command. But he hadn’t finished, his hands began to move across me again, gentler this time, touching only that which had not yet been touched, kissing that which had. The wave continued to roll on at his gentle urging, unable to fully recede. Minutes passed, my skin continuing to tingle under his tender assault. Then the kisses began to work their magic again. He went down a second time. Who was this guy?

“Oh good, good, good! Yes, just there, that’s it.”


The second time was faster, Alison still primed. When she was done, I kissed her on the mouth and eased her blindfold up then kissed her again.


I had to have Jeremy now! I could only endure so much of this pleasure without him in me. When the blindfold rose, I saw him still kneeling in front of me making it easy for me to pull his shirt over his head. When that was gone, I ordered him to his feet, and I knelt to attack his buckle. I pulled his jeans down revealing his pants and growing bulge.

“On the bed,” I ordered. He sat down and I pulled the jeans away from his long legs. I removed his pants, and his cock sprang to life growing larger before my eyes. Two hand lengths but thick also, very thick. Yes, score! I knelt and took Jeremy into my mouth, the pleasure causing him to instantly throw his head back and close his eyes. He kept them closed, focusing on the sensation of my lips and tongue. I was on the right track. I could feel him growing still larger in my mouth, his heat electrifying. He was just on the comfortable side of big, a good fit. I was getting horny again and I didn’t want him to cum before I had had a ride. A few more seconds to make sure he was hard and wet then I stood up, pushed him down and climbed aboard.


Alison made me lie down on her bed, straddling then lowering herself on to me. As I watched I remember how curious this moment seemed. It may have been inevitable from that first touch but to see her now, naked in the lamp light, enthusiastically riding me, in all her perfection when a week ago she was just another soldier covered in grime and armed to the teeth was ironic.


I took Jeremy in my hand and guided him in. We both sighed as pushed me open then popped all the way in. He felt like he had been made to fit me – a perfect match. Jeremy looked up, cast his eyes over me and smiled. So flattering to be adored. He threw his head back again and closed his eyes. He was enjoying this almost as much as me. He felt magical inside me, each thrust building on the pleasure of the last. Rock hard he pushed up from the bed meeting me as I plunged down toward him. He stroked and scratched my skin and fondled my breasts, caressing and squeezing. I bent down for the occasional kiss before rising again to resume our dance. His breathing shallowed and then stopped; a deep crease coming over his brow. His face reddened and his fingers dug into my flesh. He cried out as he came causing me to jump and smile. I rode him till he was done and then I collapsed on his chest exhausted.

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