Ch.8 Sunrise

“Sunrise, sunrise looks like morning in your eyes
But the clock’s said nine fifteen for hours.
Sunrise, sunrise couldn’t temp us if it tried
Cause the afternoon’s already come and gone.”

– Norah Jones

In the morning we lay in bed as long as we dared, kissing and cuddling and caressing every inch of each other we could reach. When I finally released Jeremy from my clutches, we snuck through the apartment into the shower block unnoticed. A good chance to scrub some of the night away and to also get a better look at my prize in the full daylight.

He was tall, at least six-foot, which was taller than my tall 5’7” – a perfect match. Dark brown hair, black perhaps, and, unusually, amber coloured eyes. He had a muscular body but not bulky. Clearly someone fit and strong but not from static gym work. On his torso he had nice dark hair, which was lovely to run my fingers through but not thick enough to obscure all the good stuff below. He said that he loved cycling and it showed in his thighs and calves. Long and strong, like an athlete, not a body builder.


When we woke, we showered together and as I watched the bubbles find their way over every one of Alison’s curves and into every one of her crevices, I found myself again reflecting on the situation I found myself in. Less than a week ago I was a 1000 miles away, single, miserable and homeless. Not actually homeless but I was coming back to house that would be virtually empty of furniture and very empty of its all people. Less than 12 hours after that, I was unexpectedly rolling around on the ground playing “feel me up” football with the blonde goddess that a dozen other men had tried and failed to conquer. And now a week later I was inches away from her willing, naked body which I’d just spent the last 12 hours violating.  

When we emerged from the suds, we dressed and drove down to Bondi for breakfast, sitting in a seafront café but ignoring the scenery that tourists flew halfway around the world to take in. We were only interested in looking at one thing; each other. Pte Benaud and Lt Holland sipping coffee on seashore in post-coital bliss less than a week after never a word passing between them. As we drove back to home Alison placed her hand on my leg; I had died and gone to heaven.


Unfortunately, because we had slept in so late, after Jeremy and I arrived at my flat, there wasn’t any time for any more fun and only just enough time to get ready for Fiona’s 21st party. I don’t remember much of that celebration, but everyone later told me that I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time. Jeremy and I held hands the entire time, but has happy as I was, I just wished that we were somewhere else. I could still feel Jeremy inside of me and my body rocking back and forth, back and forth. No wonder I was grinning.


We went to Alison’s friend’s birthday party and stayed as long as the speeches before I had to drop Alison at her new job in a Darling Harbour shop. I picked her up at 6pm and we went back to her flat. After dinner I gave Alison her second gift; the bottle of massage oil. I stripped off her clothes again to reveal that amazing body and laid her down and slowly rubbed the oil all over her. Not a chore, more a gift from her to me. There was nary a second that I didn’t thank the Lord for each moment that night that spent touching and caressing her.


Jeremy gave me another gift on Saturday night; a bottle of massage oil. I’d never had an intimate massage before, but he clearly knew what he was doing. He lay me down on my chest and turned the lights down low. The oil flowed over me like a liquid skin, magically worked into every curve and sinew by his expert hands. I lay there naked, eyes closed, feeling completely safe and adored, praying that would Jeremy take forever to work his magic.

When he was ready, he rolled me over and took his reward. I lay there for him, letting him do with me as he pleased; looking, touching, playing. I was ready for pleasure but if he’d just kept looking at or playing with me that was okay too. This was a feeling I’d never experienced before; adoration.


I teased Alison; just avoiding her breasts and pussy for as long as I could then I finally began to work on them slowly and gently before ending on her clit. She came with a very deep and vocal sigh. Alison lay shaking for minutes as I admired her beauty and again praised my luck in meeting her.


But, of course, Jeremy wouldn’t think of himself only. His hands moved down from my breasts and slipped between my legs and rolled me between his fingers, never entering, staying outside. The tension built rapidly and within minutes I was again teetering on the edge of ecstasy. My entire body seemed to re-centre on my clitoris has I channelled this latest pleasure. When I came, I could hear myself moaning, it was like nothing I had ever felt before.


Finally, Alison’s animal instinct took over and she leapt on me, kissing and tearing at my clothes. She forced me down to the bed and grabbed my hard, beating cock, her hands still slippery with oil. Then she swallowed me whole, devouring me as if she was starving. I exploded in ecstasy sending great loads of cum deep into her mouth. Alison sucked and licked and sucked harder, never spilling a drop, neither of us wanting it to ever end.


This time I didn’t wait. I was still shaking from my orgasm when I leapt on Jeremy. I pulled his clothes off as fast as I could and forced him down on my bed. His throbbing cock was already full and hard, and I was going to suck every inch of it until he came.

I was so ravenous for him that I had to keep telling myself to slow down. I used tongue and hand in tandem, never letting him out. He quickly began to peak, and I opened my eyes to watch the show. I jerked him till the last moment then released my hand to ensure that I had maximum mouth around him when he came. He arched and threw his head back and a moment later he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed everything he could eject, sucking and sucking till I was sure he had no more, then licked and sucked him until he was soft. Jeremy pulled me up to him and passionately kissed me.

“You are amazing!” he said.

High praise indeed. I think I blushed.

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