Ch.9 Afternoon

“My motto’s always been ‘when it’s right, it’s right’
why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?
When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day”

– Starlight Vocal Band

Unfortunately, I worked at a bakery on Sunday mornings, so I reluctantly slid out of bed at 4am leaving a naked and warm Jeremy behind me. I silently cursed my student’s schedule but knew that I wouldn’t be letting him go home without at least one more tumble. Jeremy had said that when I went to work, he would take care of himself and go out shopping while in Sydney. Self-reliant; an essential trait all too often lacking in some. He ticked another box.

By the time that Jeremy returned to my flat at lunch time, I was already home so we walked over to the Sydney Cricket Ground so he that could take me to the football. It was a nice change of pace and good day to be out in the sunshine.

As we sat in the sun at the southern end of the field, Jeremy rubbed sunscreen into my arms and neck which gave us a chance to caress a little in public without any disapproving looks. I sat back thinking that today life couldn’t get any better. I don’t think either of us really cared about the game or the result. We were having our first real date and it gave us each a chance to recharge our batteries and rest our weary bodies.


Alison had to go to work at a bakery at 4am the next morning leaving me to sleep in in her lingering warmth. After I woke up, I went out to the wonder through the city shops until she was done. We met up again at her place at lunch time and afterward walked the short distance to the SCG to watch Sydney play Essendon. We walked to the ground through Centennial Park and sat behind the goals at the southern end in the sun of that warm winter’s afternoon. It was sunny enough that Alison decided to wear a white singlet and I applied lotion to her toned arms and back. I told her that her look that day – white singlet and Ray-bans – was a huge turn on for me and she promised to wear it again. Afterward we walked home along ANZAC Parade, Alison pointing out her old high school. When we were almost home we stopping briefly as she pulled me into the grass near the park for a mid-walk cuddle.


Knowing that Jeremy had to go home that afternoon I was keen to get him back to my room as soon as I could, though I couldn’t resist dragging him into the long grass near Centennial Park on ANZAC Parade for a little mid-walk kiss and cuddle.

We got straight down to business when we got back to the flat. Jeremy pulled amazing move when he rolled me on my side and entered me from on top. He was so deep into me that I could feel him right up to my belly button! I couldn’t believe his penetration. He was so deep into me that each one of his thrusts caused me to let out a little sigh.


We had one more go at Alison’s place before I had to go home. I turned her on her side and slid into her whilst staying up on top. The penetration was extra deep that way and she kept gawking at me with her mouth open, confused by this new pleasurable sensation, each stoke causing her to moan and sigh.

Finally, we snuck into the showers past Alison’s unsuspecting flatmates. I had just stepped into the end stall when Alison, wearing just a towel, was confronted by her flatmate Camilla, who had emerged unexpectedly from the neighbouring stall. Camilla reportedly gave Alison an odd look before asking her how her weekend had been. There were a few whispers then silence before Alison joined me in the shower. She gave me a longing look and a smile then turned on the water, knelt and sucked me again till I was bone dry.


After not seeing her all weekend, Alison finally resurfaced on Sunday afternoon in the shower block with a huge grin on her face. Teasing her I asked, “Having a good weekend Alison?”

She looked sideways; her eyes and indicating toward the end shower stall. “I’ll tell you later.”


As I drove back to Canberra from Alison’s flat that Sunday night, I replayed the entire weekend in my head over and over again. Every minute of that weekend had been a dream. How did I go from the pit of despair to the heights of ecstasy in a week? I hadn’t done anything that deserved this reward. I hadn’t spent my whole life training and yet I felt like I’d just won an Olympic gold medal. I resolved to record the events for posterity however it played out. As soon as I got home, I grabbed a pen and started writing everything down. And when I finished that I wrote Alison my first letter.


When I awoke in the cold, damp and dark of that penultimate night of the camp all I was wishing for was a warm shower, a soft bed and to be home. I had no idea that, despite never speaking to him, I had already fallen in love with Jeremy.

A week later I was clean, warm and home but utterly exhausted and sore and yet smiling so much it hurt. This hadn’t just been a dirty weekend. I had to have more, I just had to.

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