Ch.11 I just dropped in

“You came to me this morning
And you treated me like meat.
You’d have to be a man to know
How good that feels, how sweet.”

– Leonard Cohen

I was still just 20 and admittedly hadn’t had much sexual experience at that point but Jeremy was still unlike any other guy that I had ever met. He was older than anyone I’d been with before and clearly skilled. He had already shown that he had plenty of new ideas and I couldn’t wait to be back with him to learn more. It was a million times better than anything I’d had before.

The more I thought about him the more I began to dream of trying some new things and doing a little experimenting. Perhaps all those erotic tales I’d heard weren’t just the stuff of pure fantasy. Perhaps they were real, and perhaps they were suddenly within my reach. And despite only knowing Jeremy for the shortest time I already trusted him completely. Maybe it was his age or maybe it was my understanding of an officer’s integrity. And with him in Canberra, and outside my social circle, I felt safe that if things got a little too kinky nothing would ever get back to haunt me in the real world.

But I think what I decided really made him so good was that he had been confident enough to take his time focusing on me before seeking any pleasure for himself. He seemed to have worked out that if he spent some time trying to please me first then his reward was so much better.

I hadn’t been with anyone long enough to think about how to achieve mutual satisfaction and the fact that Jeremy constantly made the effort to please me was an entirely new experience. I didn’t want to be selfish and be the only one receiving copious amounts of pleasure, so I wanted Jeremy to guide and teach me what got him off. And even though we had only been seeing each other for ten days I felt that I wanted to do anything to please him.

And by the day that I boarded the bus to visit him in Canberra for the first time I was so horny that I could barely sit still. As the miles flew by, I got increasingly nervous and excited about what would happen when we were alone again. But by the time Jeremy opened the door to his place I was ready to pounce.


A few days later Alison came down to Canberra to visit me. She worked out a schedule to fit in maximum me time that would have her departing Sydney as early as possible in the afternoon and leaving at the last minute the next day get back to work and study – about 36 hours in total. Since I’d last seen her we started writing each other letters of an increasing erotic nature and frequency. So, by the time Alison was down and I gotten her back to my place we were both ready to pop.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait a moment to find out what was on her mind. We had literally just closed the front door and she was on me. She pushed me down to the couch and pulled my pants down swallowing me the second I was exposed. When Alison finally came up for air, she told me that she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about my dick since I had left her a week ago and how her body was not the same without it in her; anywhere in her. She had to have me as soon as possible.


It was the perfect reunion. No standing on ceremony, or dancing around the issue this time. We went straight at it. I was on Jeremy immediately, not even making it out of the lounge room. In hindsight, didn’t even ask if anyone else was visiting.

I needed him so badly and he was ready for me too. Jeremy was a gentleman but neither of us wanted him to be that night. I wanted him to rip my clothes off and defile me in the doorway, the couch was too far away. But I took him first, gobbling him down immediately, each mouthful making me wetter and wetter.

“I love your dick!” I told him. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all week.”

“We missed you too.”

“I can’t function without you. I need you in me!” I pleaded. “You can do anything you want.”


Luckily for her, Alison’s pause gave me enough respite to stay my release for the moment. I lifted her off her knees and kissed her deeply and roughly before I dropped to the floor, tearing down her pants and returning the favour. She was so wet, her pants sodden with anticipation and desire that little beads of moisture trickled down her lips and soaked into the couch. I gladly kissed and sucked and licked and blew and caressed her. I nibbling gently at her thighs and clit, which sent her to fits of pleasure which contorted her tight body over and over again.


But he made me wait. Jeremy stripped my pants away, the sudden exposure of my wet nakedness to the air exciting me so much I gave a little whimper. Forcing me down to the couch he dove between my thighs and began to devour me with gusto. He slipped his hands under my legs and kneaded my ass, squeezing and exploring. His tongue was everywhere at once. I was in heaven.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!” I demanded.


I couldn’t take it any longer. Alison’s groans, her sweet nectar, her existence were too much for me. I was aching to be inside Alison her. I ripped off her white singlet – thanks – and bra in one motion, not being gentle or slow, exposing Alison’s magnificent tits. I seized both of them, causing her to audibly gasp as my fingers pressed firmly into their swell. I forced her down flat on the couch, never letting them go, then slid into her. Then Alison begged me to fuck her.

I didn’t need to be asked or told. I was beyond caring now. The time for gentle consideration was over and we both needed to cum. After ten days of absence we were desperate and we both to grunt in the pleasure as she let me in. She was so wet and warm. I drove into her as hard as I could and she met each thrust with one of her own, grinding into me with such force that I could barely draw back far enough to go forward into her again. Her eyes bore into mine with a fierce desire that was beyond love, just lust for this moment and hope that it would never end. Again and again we pushed, kissing and squeezing anywhere left within reach. Finally, sensing I was close Alison called me on.

“Yes,” she said “do it, do it now! Let go!” At that I released, filling her with everything I had. Alison gasped, paused a moment, then smiled. “Well done Sir,” she said, “well done.”

When she finally recovered, Alison rolled over and looked me in the eye, “Teach me how to please you,” she said. “Teach me everything.”

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