Ch.12 Use me

“I want to spread the news
that if it feels this good getting used
you just keep on using me
until you use me up

– Bill Withers

Alison was so into me that I couldn’t have asked for anything more from her. Yet I would have been a fool not to try to live out my fantasies when she had put the offer squarely on the table. My work friend Sandy once told me that there is a sweet spot early in any relationship when a girl will “do anything” for a guy. I was about to find out the truth of it.

I told Alison that my turn-ons and fantasies were not unique. Variations on how she dressed or what she wasn’t wearing and where that was happening are standard for all guys and I was no different. The trick was to have the confidence to act on it. And if it is a surprise all the more arousing. I liked a white singlet/sports bra or a simple, sporty look which should have been easy as that was basically her. But really just knowing that Alison just wanted to be with me was the biggest turn-on of all. But how she chose to communicate that, well that was up to her imagination. I didn’t want to give her a script.


Jeremy was such an amazing fuck – there I said it – that I sometimes fretted that, due to my inexperience, he would get bored of me. I didn’t want to lose him, but I didn’t know what to do to keep him excited. In our quieter moments I would ask him what he liked, and he gave me some ideas, but I wanted to try to at least match him for imagination. By nature, I am very competitive, but I surprised myself at how keen I was to match or outdo my lover.


Despite its long-distance nature, or perhaps because of it, Alison was in the sweet spot of her romance with Jeremy. Letters would arrive every week and they would make a special effort to see each other as often as work would allow. Though clearly happy, she was rightly guarded about the more intimate details of her relationship. Not that I ever pried, just gentle teasing. Alison took it with the good humour it was intended and she would counter that I was just jealous. It was a joke, but she wasn’t entirely wrong as, by that stage, I had been single for six months.

Then one evening Alison began to become a little more frank about what had been going on behind closed doors. She wanted to know if I had any advice on what guys want.

“Is everything ok?”

“It’s more than fine, it’s perfect…for me. But I want to be able to do the same for him.”

We spoke more and I said that I didn’t think she needed to do anything as Jeremy seemed perfectly infatuated with her. But if she still wanted ideas then maybe she should look at any old copies Cleo.


After talking with Camilla, I dug up as many old copies of Cleo as I could find in the flat. They had never really been my thing, but I had to admit that in this instance they were quite useful. Armed with my research I began to set my trap.

I asked Jeremy if he had ever had a threesome. He said that he hadn’t but he didn’t object to the idea and if I was interested then I would have to choose the girl. That threw me. I had imagined that it would have been someone anonymous but when I began to imagine the logistics of finding someone new or picking them up then Jeremy’s idea made more sense. Then, absent minded, I started running through a list of all my friends in my head.


One night, Alison asked if I had ever been with two girls at the same time to which I said no and that I thought that that sort of thing was very rare. She then asked if I’d like to. I was taken aback and tried to find the right words. I told her that it was something that might be nice to try if all three were into it, but that Alison would have to choose or approve the girl. I didn’t suggest another a guy. She was silent for a few moments, lost in her thoughts. When I asked her what was on her mind, she said that she might tell me later.

Back at work, I spoke to Sandy about Alison’s questions about threesomes. She told me that from what she’d “read” that you had to manufacture a situation where the third person “accidentally” interrupts the couple in an embrace. The inviter asks the third person if they would like to kiss their lover, they do, and things go from there.

“Sounds like you’ve done this before,” I said jokingly.

“Then I guess that means I must know what I’m talking about then doesn’t it,” she winked.

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