Ch.14 Smooth

“And I’ll dance with you in Vienna,
you’ll be wearing a river’s disguise
The hyacinth wild on your shoulders,
and my mouth on the dew of your thighs.”

– Leonard Cohen

I’ve said that Sandy once told me there was sweet spot in a relationship when a girl will do anything for her guy. I think that that goes both ways. I quit a couple of my hobby groups and scaled back my sport commitments just so I didn’t have anything that would interfere with seeing Alison on the weekends.  

In fact, Alison could have asked me anything and I would have done it just to make her happy which, of course, made me feel good too. Naturally, this was especially true when it came to sex. For example, I had never had a problem with giving head before, but I loved going down on Alison. She tasted sweet and she got great pleasure from it which was flattering and encouraging.

If I had any issue with it, it was that occasionally hair would get in the way. I wanted to do something about it, but I had still been testing her boundaries up to that point. She hadn’t said no to anything so far so I was pretty sure she’d be up for it and that I would get a major thrill too. So, the next time she came to visit I decided that I might try to kill two birds with one stone.


I was visiting Jeremy in Canberra again as winter was just giving way to spring and the days in the national capital began to become clear and sunny. We had reunited the previous night, and as he often did, Jeremy had feasted on me till I was spent and more than satisfied before I got a chance to do anything to him.

The next morning, after breakfast, Jeremy guided me back into his warm bedroom only for me to find a chair set up in a nice sunny spot that looked out onto his secluded back yard. I looked at him curiously, but he asked me to trust him which of course I did.


Alison had come down the night before and now it was a bright, clear day in early spring, warming my bedroom without needing a heater. The curtains were wide apart but only looked out onto my back yard. I slowly undressed Alison then led her to a chair that faced the window. She seemed curious of my intentions but entirely trusting as always. I sat her down and then knelt before her, sliding my hands up her thighs and parting her legs with her willing permission. I positioned myself between her legs and, reaching down, produced an electric razor from beneath a prepositioned towel.

“I won’t take much,” I promised.

Alison looked at the razor momentarily, looked me in the eye, arched her back, thrust herself toward me, spread her legs wider and said, “Go for it!”


He undressed me and guided me into the chair, the sun warming my naked flesh. I was beginning to suspect nothing out the ordinary – just a super handsome man about to pleasure me again while the world watched on when he knelt before me and produced an electric razor. I must have starred bewildered for few seconds at this unexpected turn of events. I had always kept myself neat and trim, but I then realised that I wasn’t the one who had been spending hours down there never complaining or seemingly needing to draw breath.

After all Jeremy had/would do for me I could barely object if he wanted to make it slightly more comfortable for himself. I didn’t give any thought to possible mishaps – I trusted him entirely. I spread my legs wider, thrust myself toward him and gave him the green light.


I could have cum right then, but I got about my business and removed about half of Alison’s hair before putting down the razor and kissing her thighs gently. Alison sighed gently and arched even more, her magnificent 14C tits thrusting out into the warm September sunlight – perfect and proud. To this day I have never seen or felt their equal. I grasped them with both hands and squeezed softly but firmly while I stuck my tongue as deeply inside her sweet wetness as I could.


Jeremy worked quickly but I still had time to reflect on this latest milestone. I was now so happy in my relationship that Jeremy could confidently ask me to spread eagle for him in front of an open window while he literally did what he wanted to me. Far from feeling any sense of inferiority or subjugation I was positively gushing. He was signalling his intent to satisfy me, not the other way round. Though I dare say that I would have willing done whatever he wanted.

In the warmth of that September morning, I closed my eyes and relaxed in blissful vulnerability. I must have lost track of what Jeremy was doing because before I knew it, he had put the razor down and was tongue deep in a freshly shorn Alison! He stayed there forever, getting me close to the edge then pulling back. Waiting till my heart settled then going in again. It was too much!


So naked, so perfect, so eager. I worked on Alison for ages, caressing, scratching, and stoking every inch of that insanely perfect, toned body before she could take no more. Alison pulled my shirt over my head then pushed me roughly to the floor.


“You are evil,” Alison said as she hovered naked above me. She turned around and pulled my pants off has fast as she could, straddling me and grabbed me in her right hand and taking me into her mouth. Her pussy filled my view, flushed with heat and swollen with her excitement. I pulled her toward me as she started sucking and jerking me with skill and determination. Alison gasped as I licked her for all I was worth. Her hand pulling faster while her core and thighs bucked and twitched with each flick of my tongue. Her usual grunts of pleasure were muffled as mine were by her wetness. The pleasure was intense, and we both rushed toward climax.


Unthinking now, we raced each other for relief. I came first, my legs buckling as I lost control of my body. Jeremy was moments behind and before I could fail, he blew hot streams into my mouth. The taste of him was enough to spur me on and I sucked harder than I had ever before. Spent, I collapsed upon him but continued to lick and suck. Eventually, I painfully rolled off Jeremy onto the warm carpet. Not speaking or moving, we lay there, head to toe, one hand in each other’s.


Eventually Alison curled over and snuggled up to me and with love in her eyes said, “Again please.”

Seizing the opportunity for a little playful tease I retorted, “What’s the magic word?”

Her smile faded as she climbed on top of me. “Now!”

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