Ch.19 Bondi

“She drives me crazy,
like no one else.
She drives me crazy,
and I can’t help myself.”

-Fine Young Cannibals

I had had an idea that I wanted to try on Jeremy for a while and the opportunity to try it finally presented itself the day that he drove Camilla and I to Bondi for a 21st party of one of our mutual acquaintances. Jeremy had been continually upping his game each time that we met, and I wanted to see if I could match him for imagination. After my trip on the bus, I now knew that I was brave enough to pull the first half of my plan, the second half would be much riskier. But I hoped that that was what would make it fun.


I hadn’t really spent any time with Jeremy. Alison was either visiting him in Canberra or I would miss him when he was staying here. But one weekend that he was in town both Alison and I were invited to the same party in Bondi, so we all drove there in Jeremy’s car.

He was a nice guy, a man really. Having a full-time job, responsibilities and his own home gave him a maturity that was obvious compared to the usual uni guys who were still suckling at the family teat in some way. As I have said before, he was tall, dark and handsome, but there was something about the effortless way he moved about that spoke volumes to his confidence. Perhaps it was his long stride; he could be across a room in a moment but barely seem to have needed to quicken his pace. He also stood tall and had broad shoulders. His back was very straight, and his shoulders held back, he never stooped or hunched in any way. I admit that I liked him and if Alison hadn’t been in the picture, then I would have been more than happy to date him myself.

While he was clearly in love with Alison, I don’t think she was the reason he was the way he was. If he had been dating someone else, then I’m sure he would been just as attentive and tender with them as he was with her.

And he definitely knew what he was doing in the bedroom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as satisfied as Alison was when Jeremy came to stay. The rest of us would speculate and tease her for insights and sometimes she came close to telling but she always managed to bite her tongue. Her satisfaction was so palpable that I confess that I was becoming jealous.


It was Alison’s turn to strike next. Part of dating a 20-year-old is mandatory attendance at seemingly endless 21st parties. The latest one was hosted at the Bondi (beach) Pavilion, a large community hall and annex buildings that would have been amazing when it was built in the 1920s but now was gradually falling into disrepair. We drove down from Alison’s flat in Randwick to Bondi with her flatmate Camilla and parked close to the pavilion. Camilla was an attractive girl. Dark hair in a bob – one of my favourite styles – and Slavic features. She was tall as Alison – about 5′ 8″ – but slimmer, less athletic.

Due to the long-distance nature of my relationship with Alison I hadn’t had much to do with Camilla up to that point. Just occasional “hellos” and brief interactions. But occasional I caught her looking at me when she thought that I wasn’t watching. 


My plan was pretty simple: take Jeremy to the party; get him all hot and bothered; find a nice quiet place and shag him. He said that he loved seeing me dressed in my white singlet, but I thought that I could do one better than that. I had a nice little white cami that I hadn’t worn much since I’d bought it a year earlier. I matched it with my white linen skirt but following on from my bus ride fun, no bra or undies. The thought of Jeremy, or anyone else, looking at me and trying to figure out if I was going commando was also part of the adventure. Up until now I had never given myself over to dressing to impress anyone but on this day, I was determined to try to give the whole room thrill.


Alison was wearing a long white flowing skirt that tightened as it tapered up her bum, a white top and a short blue cardigan. She had ditched the sporty look that I had come to love and expect this day and the transformation was stark. Naturally beautiful – she never wore make-up – the dressier, softer, feminine look immediately altered my perception of her. In her less casual attire, she became even more rarefied, desirable, and elegant. The combination of which gave me feeling that the clock had been turned back and that I would have to win her all over again.

After we settled into the party Alison made her next move. She removed her cardigan to reveal a loose, white camisole that I hadn’t seen her wear before which exposed a nice hint of cleavage. I wasn’t sure if it was silk, but it looked expensive. What I was sure of however was that Alison wasn’t wearing a bra. She was young enough that her breasts could still stand proudly at attention unassisted. They sloped gracefully downward under the fabric of the camisole to her nipples which itself then cascaded vertically from there and fell away like a shining white waterfall.

Every man in that room worth his salt could see her and was thinking to himself, “I’d love to slide my hand up there.” I again found myself thanking God for Alison’s existence.


I decided that it was time for the big reveal. Without any ceremony, but ensuring that Jeremy was watching, I took off my cardigan and asked him to hold it for me. It was a fine day, but it wasn’t that warm, and I immediately felt the cooler air penetrate the silk and tingle causing me to shiver as my skin tightened and my nipples hardened. By the look on Jeremy’s face, I could tell that he had seen it too and that my plan was working. Spotting some of my army medic friends across the room I purposely brushed past him sideways and left him with Camilla to mingle with them alone.


We’d been at the party for almost 30 minutes when Alison took off her cardigan. She was wearing a long white linen skirt and underneath a silky white camisole. Alison had lovely medium sized breasts – larger than mine – but for the second time that I’d known her – both since she’d met Jeremy – she appeared to have deliberately chosen to leave the apartment unsupported. It was easy enough to spot if you know what to look for. Even if she was wearing a strapless under her spaghetti string cami her breasts wouldn’t have moved with the same freedom as they were that afternoon. On one hand I was relieved that she hadn’t been on a secret mission the other day that Jeremy didn’t know about. But on the other, she clearly seemed to be displaying herself for Jeremy’s benefit which meant that he must have been party to this kind of thing from her. However, judging by his reaction, he was not expecting to see it that day! The entire nature of their intimate relationship was there to see for anyone who stopped to think about it. However, what was now causing me the greatest concern was how often I now found myself thinking about their sex life.

Alison then used the pretext of spotting some army friends to ask Jeremy to hold her cardigan and walked off without him. There was some game going on between them that day and I decided to settle in for the full show.


I walked over to my medic pals who talking amongst themselves and didn’t recognise me at first. Most had only seen me in cams or sports gear; a few of the girls had seen me in less. So, it wasn’t until I was within about 10 metres that Jill noticed me and must have whispered something like, “is that Alison?” to the others who then slowly turned around to look. I admit I was having fun now watching their jaws drop one at a time. I moved amongst them but positioned myself so that Jeremy had a clear line of sight. He was chatting with Camilla and the group I had left, but I was pretty sure that his eyes never left me. Eventually one of the medics said that they had heard a rumour about me. I wasn’t sure what it was, so it was easy to play dumb.

“What rumour?” I asked.

“That you are seeing an officer from Canungra.” A few of them looked puzzled and turned to see my response.

“Oh no that’s not right,” I replied. Wanting to make sure that they didn’t think that I was in some crazy long-distance relationship with a regular soldier from Queensland. Everyone kept their eyes on me waiting to see what I said next. I was really happy and proud to be where I was so there is no way I could keep it a secret. “We met at Canungra, he’s from Canberra.”

Sue, who’d been our section commander, was there and she asked, “Which one?”

“Lt Holland,” I replied, my smile growing.

“Good choice,” she said.


Alison, of course, knew that I was staring at her now. She then left me to mix with her friends, always careful to stand facing me so that I could continue to gawk at her chest from afar. When she’d teased me enough, she returned and steered me away from my group and out onto one of the pavilion’s balconies that overlooking the beach.

“I just need to borrow this man for a minute,” she said, “we won’t be long.”


After about twenty minutes Alison walked back over to us and wasted no time in whisking Jeremy off to one of the balconies. They were only gone a little time when she sauntered back in with a huge grin on her face. He followed a moment later and headed back to the safety of our group, but his eyes never left her for a second.


We kissed and embraced outside then Alison asked me if I liked her new top.

“Of course I do,” I said, knowing fully what she real meant.

“Yes, I can ‘feel’ how much,” she replied, running her hand gently up the front of my trousers. I could have taken her right then and only lasted a minute but then she delivered her coup de grâce.

“Well, if you like my top so much you will love my skirt!” And with that she smiled and winked and sauntered back inside the pavilion leaving me once again unfulfilled and now gawking at her behind too!

I followed Alison back inside and once again she did the rounds of the room. Only this time, she made a point of keeping her back to me so that I had a clear view of her less confined rump. I now started having visions of her walking carefree and skirt-less around the room in front of the assembled party as some spell of concealment had been cast on them but not me.


After they returned, Alison left Jeremy alone with us again and started circulating. He lasted about ten more minutes before he finally excused himself and made a beeline toward her. They exchanged a few words and then both turned and left the room at a rapid click.


I couldn’t take it anymore. I strode over to Alison and hurriedly wheeled her away from her friends. I whisked her into an empty back room then spun her around.

“We need to go home,” I said, “I can’t take this any longer!”

“What is the matter?” she said, knowing full well what she was doing to me.

“I have to have you, now!”

“Are you fit to burst?”


“Do you need to cum?”


With a sly grin Alison slowly knelt before me and pulled my pants down. My rock-hard, throbbing cock sprang out, just grazing her cheek as she turned her head aside in admirable anticipation. She lifted her cami above her head and off, revealing her pert breasts, and gently caressed them with both hands.

“Then cum,” she said. I looked at her dumbfounded. Alison looked down and regarded each breast momentarily then looked back into my eyes, “Go for it.”


I was hoping that this would happen, but I didn’t expect that it would play out as it did. In my mind, Jeremy and I had found nice, secluded balcony overlooking the ocean and he had bent me over the balustrade and hoicked my skirt up over my bum taking me from behind, his hands fondling my breasts underneath my top. But this was good too. This was really good. I hadn’t touched him, yet he was primed to explode. He was practically begging me for release! I loved it when he filled my fanny or mouth, but I had never seen it, just the reaction on his face. Now I wanted to see his eruption. I wanted him to spray me all over. Without any regard to who might be watching, I pulled off my top and told him to cum on me.


I was stunned. Did I hear Alison right? Was this a dream? Did she really just ask me, nay command me, to blow my load all over her?

My indecision only lasted a microsecond. As blood surged into my already swollen and aching cock, I grabbed hold and began to beat off. This was crazy, I couldn’t believe it was happening. My sex life had gone from an emotional dead end to a porno in the blink of an eye. But this was real, and Alison was real, and she wanted this. She wanted this as much as me.


I’d seen Jeremy’s dick many times but never like this. Never in his own hand. Never being worked with such vigour. I squeezed my breasts in response to his show, he beat harder in response to mine. We were in public but neither of us gave one thought to that now. That fact only made this better. I didn’t care if we were sprung. This moment was too perfect, and no one was going to ruin it.


After a few minutes of watching the door for Alison and Jeremy I began to wonder where they had gone. The way Alison had been teasing him had no doubt aroused him. I was sure that they had slipped off for a little cuddle and would emerge and second trying to look nonchalant. But every minute that they were gone I began to think more about what they were doing.

I knew that the next thing I did was bad, really bad. I made an excuse and went to find them. I just had to know what they were doing.


Alison regarded my masturbation with a mix of curiosity and satisfaction. She had driven me to this moment, and she was in complete control. She could end me with a single word or gesture, humiliated. But she wanted me to do this, to her. And there is only one rule for when a women sets a trap for you: walk into it.


I could see Jeremy was close. I had never seen a man cum by his own hand before and I wondered how it would happen. He was close enough that he couldn’t really miss me but if it came out like a jet then we might have a little cleaning up or explaining to do. I didn’t think to close my eyes – just in case I got hit in the face – and continued to watch him. Watch him cum for me. I was so turned on by the whole thing that I started to get off. I didn’t care what happened next; he was too far gone, and moment later, it was also too late.


In no time at all I could feel that the end was near. Alison looked into my eyes and knew too. She continued to caress herself and smile. She was getting off on this too.

Cum landed square on Alison’s breasts and neck. The release was sensational as what seemed like an ocean of hormones now poured into my system. I came with such force that I think that heard it smack onto her skin. She gasped quietly but kept watching as I continued to splatter her nakedness. White on white, warmth on porcelain, puddles and streaks.

I collapsed to my knees in front of her, face to face with my issue. Alison regarded it as I breathed deeply, my heart pounding. She looked at me with warmth and quiet admiration. Then she looked down at her finger and noticed that some had landed on her hand.

“It seems like you’ve made a bit of a mess.”

“That is an understatement,” I thought to myself. Giving no regard as to what was supposed to happen next.

Alison looked at the cum for a moment then held her finger out me. “Clean it up.”

I paused.

“Lick it,” she directed, “lick it all off.”


I hadn’t planned it that way but seeing Jeremy there, panting and drooling over me it only seemed fitting that the game continue to its next logical step. He was at my command and that was turning me on. Besides, there was nothing else at hand to clean me up except his tongue. I’m not that flexible.


What could I do, say no? Alison had swallowed a gallon of my cum in short order without a moment’s hesitation. Loving the taste, gleefully sucking me clean and then asking for seconds. I had no choice but to do as she said. So, I took her hand in mine and gently took her finger into my mouth a sucked, not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly, the gluey substance neither excited nor repelled me. I leant forward and started licking her left breast, swallowing it without a second thought.


Jeremy hesitated at first but, realising the stakes of our game had just been raised, rose to the challenge. He sucked my finger clean and then leant forward. I could see his tongue flat against my breast, slowly tracing its loving way up me as it had a thousand times before. I was impressed, I was very impressed.


“Ah-ah-ahhh!” Alison said, “Don’t be greedy. You have to share.” She then pulled up her skirt, revealing the rest of her nudity. Holding the skirt with her left hand she started to work on herself with her right. She looked down at her breasts then back to me and, with a smile, nodded. I licked her then kissed her. She touched herself and kissed me. She kept playing with herself until I was done and then she played some more.


When I found Alison and Jeremy, they had just finished. Alison had her back to me and was just pulling her top back over her head. I weirdly remember thinking about how blemish-free her skin was.

Not wanting to be caught spying I quietly stepped back a few paces out of sight. I had seen nothing sexual, but I could still feel my heart pounding knowing that I had almost caught them getting it on in public. But I wasn’t shocked or offended, I was aroused.


When we were finally done, we tidied ourselves up and got ready to go back to the party. I kissed Alison and rolled my eyes in mock orgasm which caused her to smile her cheekiest grin. And then, from out of nowhere, Camilla suddenly appeared.

“What have you two been doing?” she asked, “They are about to cut the cake.”

I was caught off guard and was about to mouth, “nothing,” when Alison suddenly spoke.

“Something,” she said, “something fun!” Camilla looked at her curiously. Alison took her hand and then mine and, in turn, looked us both in the eye and smiled. “We’ll tell you about it later.”

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