Ch.23 A home

“I can stop and catch my breath
And look no further for happiness
And I will not turn again
Cos my heart has found its home”

– Dido

Alison was not in fact from Sydney but from the regional NSW town of Bathurst. Ironically, my Battalion had relocated its HQ to Bathurst from Southern Sydney a year earlier and I was in the special Company that was based out of there. If Alison had not moved to Sydney for university, I certainly would have met her by 1997 but under very different circumstances.

In yet another coincidence, the officers of the Battalion had been called to BHQ for a weekend parade in early November at the same time as Alison had travelled back home to watch over her mother’s house while she was away. I broke the news to Alison one evening in October and asked if she wanted me to take additional leave to spend more time with her while she was there. She was delighted with the idea of me staying with her for a whole week and for the opportunity to show me around her hometown.

I had leave approved for the week and, as I had to be on duty from the Friday night, I took Friday off as well so I to travel up Thursday afternoon so I could at least see Alison for most of the Friday. It was at least a three-hour drive to Bathurst from Canberra along unfamiliar country roads in the darkness, but I was so keen to see her again that I broke many speed limits along the way and arrived, at her home, in well under three hours.

Alison’s mother had already left by the time I arrived, so we had the place to ourselves. It was an old federation house which had been updated enough to feel comfortable, cosy and modern apart from the outdoor laundry. As we had both travelled up that night and would be together for most of the next week, we decided to spend the evening relaxing rather than going straight to bed. It was an easier pill to swallow when Alison promised me that if we could refrain that evening then she would more than make it worth my while the next morning. She clearly had something in mind, so I didn’t even think to argue the point. I was also beginning to get the feeling that Alison could be quite strong willed and stubborn if pushed so I wasn’t going to die on that particular hill. After everything we had done and would do in the future it just wasn’t worth it. 

We sat on the couch and chatted away into the night. Alison started to confided to me some more personal things about her upbringing now that she felt safely surround by familiarity. The longer I listened to her talk and added that new knowledge to what I already knew about her I became more and more enamoured with the feeling that she was the one. As the evening wore on and I became accustomed to my surroundings I felt completely safe and happy and without thinking the words, “Alison will you…” slipped out of my mouth.

She looked at me quizzically. “Will I what?”

I was stuck and had to say something. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. The moment just took me.”

Alison sat up and looked into my eyes. “You can ask me,” she said, her mind racing ahead.

“I’m sorry, it’s not the right time.” I had said too much already so I had to give her something now. “How do I put this without actually saying it?” Her eyes grew and she became visibly excited. “If sometime in the near future I was to ask you the most important question of our lives, what do you think your answer would be?”

Alison climbed into my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “My answer will be ‘yes.’”


Jeremy and I been dating for almost three months by the time we met back up in Bathurst and I found it hard to remember what life had been like before him. My confidence had gone to another level following Jeremy’s unlimited capacity for complements and attention. I never doubted myself when I was around him and even in his absence, I felt that he had helped me grow in a more secure and outgoing woman. That was the other change. Because he was clearly a man, I no longer thought of myself as a girl, I knew now that I was a woman.

So, when I felt that I was ready to push the envelope on our sex life one step further I knew that it would be ok and that he would want the same thing. It was a big step though, so I had come up with a plan to hopefully ease the way. I had been pondering the idea for a long time but by the time we were together in Bathurst I’d made my decision. It’s one of my traits that once I have decided a course of action I always follow through, even if it’s a bad idea. I’m quite pig headed.

As it would be my first time, I wanted Jeremy to be on a hair trigger when we started so that it would be over quickly if turned out to be too uncomfortable. I’m not that pig headed!

Usually, by the end of each weekend, Jeremy was completely empty and struggling to finish, not to sustain, which at other times was great – for me. So, we agreed not to play that night which I hoped that, added to our previous weeks of separation, would make him cum much faster the next morning. The opposite of everything I always wanted from him – so much the opposite – but I didn’t want to be hammered the next day in an unnecessarily long sex marathon.

But Jeremy’s earlier slip up now had me regretting my plans. I so wanted him now, this man that I planned to spend the rest of my life with. Just inches away from me, his naked flesh touching mine. I was the one on the hair trigger, I was at Defcon 1. But on the other hand, I now felt even more ready to forge ahead with my original plan with Jeremy in the driver’s seat. If I had ever wanted to try it, he couldn’t have given me any more incentive than he did that night. Was he yet again reading my mind?


Since I had known Alison, we had yet to spend a night together clothed. Our flesh touching everywhere all night long had been the norm. It felt just so right and any intimate touching that occurred in the wee hours was always welcomed and repaid. Any stiffness or sigh was rewarded with a mouth or a hand. So, it was odd to be retiring that night and cuddling up in the nude but not also exhausted and sweaty. Our bodies were cool and this time we clung to each other for warmth not just for sensation. It was different but still good.

“This is nice,” I said, spooning Alison for maximum contact.

“Yeah, but don’t get used to it buddy,” she replied, my senses suddenly on high alert.

“After this evening I still expect you fuck me to sleep every night for the rest of our lives.”

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