Ch.26 Bad things

“I don’t know who you think you are
but before the night is through
I wanna do bad things with you”

– Jace Everett

I didn’t think about anything else on the drive home other than finding some way to hurt Scott. It didn’t even register that I might have just done my reputation irreparable damage. My blood was up, and I wasn’t thinking straight. I can be pretty pig headed when I get up a full head of steam and by the time we got home I could only come up with one idea to make him pay.


Alison was absolutely brooding on the drive home. I thought to try and lighten the mood but seeing her seething that way, something I’d never witnessed before, stayed my levity. She was clearly on the edge and I didn’t want to stand in her way and get hit by the shrapnel.

When we got back to Alison’s house she stormed straight off to the kitchen while I was still bringing my bags inside. I closed the front door just as she was returning. She took me by the hand and led me straight to her room. She wasted no time getting down to business, stripping off completely before I had chance to get one boot lace untied. Seeing that I was having trouble keeping up she helped me with my second boot then prioritised my pants. As soon as she got those off, she immediately began to go to work on me while I tried to get my shirt off.

Alison was on a mission and while I welcomed her desire, I could sense that there was more to it than two days of pent-up lust. When I was naked, and she had got me sufficiently hard by mouth she pushed me on to my back and produced the bottle of olive oil from Friday morning’s adventure. With the oil in hand, she began to work me up till I was as big as I was going to get. She used the last of the oil on her hands between her legs and climbed on top of me. She then took me in her hand and guided me toward her ass! I looked at her with a mixture of fascination and concern.

“I want to,” she replied to my unasked question. “For the rest of his life I want him to think about what he will never have. I want to be able to look him in the eye, if I ever see him again, so that he knows that we did it, just like I said I would!”

With that Alison eased herself on to me and drew in a sharp breath. “I immediately regret my decision!” she laughed through gritted teeth, finally seeing the humour of her over reaction. I was about tell her to climb off when she put her hands on my chest and began rising up and down, a mixture of discomfort and pleasure twisting her face into a curious visage. Sensing my concern, she quickly reassured me, “Its ok, I’m on now, I may as well stay. It’s the getting on that’s the most painful.”


Again, that sharp intense pain pierced my backside. I almost shot off Jeremy such was the shock. But just as before, the initial stab quickly subsided and this time I was more prepared for what came next. With Jeremy beneath me I could control the tempo but as considerate as he was, he couldn’t be expected to lie still once he was on the way. I was strong enough that I could ride him using my thighs alone which meant that my hands were free to fondle my breasts and work on my own pleasure. I would occasionally arch back and support myself on Jeremy’s thighs with my hands and then Jeremy took over stimulating me with his. He must have been getting a pretty good show from down there because he never stopped grinning the whole time.

We kept at it for ages, me half forgetting what I was actually doing, before I felt it. The ride had been good, and I was getting plenty of sensation when that feeling of muscles tightening and lighted headedness began to come over me. If I stopped now it would slowly dissipate but for every second that I kept going after that would become harder and harder to do. I was here now, and I wasn’t going let this one get away. I squeezed my breasts harder and picked up the pace on my clit. Jeremy could sense the change and I could see he was eager to watch the show. He was usually face down, between my thighs when I came so I guess I owed him one. Hell, even I had never seen it.


Alison pumped her ass up and down with no obvious sign of pain or embarrassment. She was actually enjoying this! She couldn’t have been having as much fun as me though. From where I was lying all I could see was a beautiful blonde with toned muscles, fondling her breasts and clitoris in front of me while her pussy became increasingly engorged, and her ass rode up and down my cock. I would definitely remember this.

Then I suddenly noticed that Alison’s chest became flush, and she was gritting her teeth like she was in some pain. But her fondling of her breasts and clitoris began to increase as her breaths became shorter and sharper. “She’s gunna pop in a second,” I told myself forgetting for a moment that this scene may never be repeated. I came back to reality quickly and tried to commit it to memory.


When it hit me, it hit me hard! Jeremy’s dick prevented me from involuntary clenching my bum at the moment of climax which actually pushed me back into tension just as I was supposed to release. That caused the first wave to amplify as I tried to clench again only to be pushed higher up the climax scale! I came again but couldn’t come down the other side of the wave, only another plateau and then another climb. This was insane! My orgasm wasn’t subsiding – it was getting more intense. My legs were cramping now too. I didn’t know what to do, I needed to get off him or stop but both up or down felt like bad options. I also had a dick in my ass that wasn’t letting me finish my orgasm, just lengthening it and making it more powerful. I looked down at Jeremy just in time to see him climax and let out a deep moan. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad that it was over.


Alison was clearly cuming but in some kind of distress. She tried talking but words just wouldn’t come out. She grabbed both breasts in her hands and squeezed herself so hard that I thought that she might actually do them some damage! When she finally spoke, it was just a long stream of obscenities that only made her more desirable and this moment more memorable. Her legs finally gave way and she rolled off me on to the bed beside me and then she quietly screamed.


With Jeremy done I took the opportunity to put an end to my lustful insanity. I couldn’t take any more pleasure in this lifetime and my body felt like it was broken. I took what I thought would be the easy option and rolled off him onto the bed beside him. It was all going fine until I began to slide off his still hard dick and then I felt a shock like nothing I had ever felt before. Going on was bliss compared to this! It felt like a part of me was being torn away. The soft exit, I must remember the soft exit next time! Perhaps it was the culmination of all my exertion but everything either hurt, throbbed or was still climaxing. Some bits of me were still doing all three at once half an hour later. I lay there, not wanting to move or stay still. My ass felt like it had a sword in it but also like a giant gaping hole of nothing. My clitoris was still throbbing away in delight, sending waves of pleasure rippling around my body every few seconds. My hands were cramped from where I had grabbed my, my…. oh, my poor, poor breasts. I hoped they weren’t ruined.

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  1. Hey there. I don’t think you meant to like my post ‘On Marriage.’ The post is primarily about how porn and kink are wrong and how erotica almost destroyed my marriage. Idk if you just automatically like posts based on the tags without actually reading them, but I’m a Christian writer and I write a good deal about how much erotica/porn will mess you up.


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