Ch.29 Camilla

“Young hearts get broken,
just like China cups
Look at all the foolishness,
your love has gone and done.”

– The Eurythmics

I hadn’t seen Alison since she had gone to her camp and rather than spending that whole time dwelling on what we had discussed before she left my mind began to turn to what the future would hold for me. A job, a new city perhaps, moving out of the flat definitely. I only had one exam left before I graduated and then I had no official need to be at uni anymore if I didn’t want to though I was still paid up at the flat for a few more weeks. I planned to briefly go back to my parents’ home for Christmas and then make my next move from there.

So it wasn’t until late-November that I finally saw Alison again. She’d been gone almost three weeks, first at another army camp and then back to her mother’s house. As I wasn’t going to undertake any further study, it seemed that Alison had been right when she said that after this year, we would be unlikely see each other again. That did seem a shame as even though we had been friendly for two years we had only just now started to become friends.

And then there was the other thing still hanging over our heads….

Alison was positively bouncing around the flat when she returned. I had seen her this happy before, after she had first met Jeremy, but that was more personal, for obvious reasons. This time she seemed fit to burst and happy for everyone to know why.

“What is going on?” I had to know what had gotten her so riled up.

“So much, I have amazing news! When I was home Jeremy came to visit and he basically proposed to me!”

Alison recounted that Jeremy had almost popped the question while visiting but thought he should wait a little longer but that she had told him what her response would be. I was thrilled to bits for her. They seemed like such a good match and they both clearly adored each other.

In the excitement of Alison’s news, I’d almost forgotten about the reason that I had been so eager to see her again, our planned event together. But with her news and my imminent departure I guessed that that window had now been firmly shut.

“Oh no,” Alison exclaimed, “that’s even more reason to do it!”


When I returned to the flat in Randwick, I finally had a chance to talk to Camilla. I told her the big news and that I would be saying yes when the moment came. She was very excited for me (us), but she thought that that might mean that I’d changed my mind about our planned threesome.

Far from derailing the idea I found it actually spurred me on to want it more. I reasoned that if Jeremy was the one and he was destined to be the last man I ever slept with then the window for anything extra was closing fast. I didn’t want any other man but thought that, with his participation, a woman would be acceptable. I was never going to get another chance to do this, and I’d only ever considered and confided in Camilla. We’d been discussing it for months, so I supposed that if we were still discussing it then we were both ready to go.


Alison was pretty convincing in her reasoning for proceeding with our plan. It was quite typical of her to have thought things through logically and I couldn’t fault her for that. However, I could still question the unexpected emotional ramifications but to be blunt, that wasn’t my problem.

I was quite enthusiastic by that point, so I was glad that it was still on. I guessed that after thinking it over for such a long time that I would have been disappointed if I had missed out. It’s not like I was likely to ever again get an offer to sleep with somebody else’s boyfriend.

To downplay my excitement at my good fortune I then told Alison that I was (genuinely) glad that we had gotten to know each other much better in the last few months but I wished that we had done so much earlier. And also, for what it was worth, I thought that she had changed for the better, in the last few months.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it!” Alison gushed.


I’d been wanting to share some of my experiences with a friend for ages, but they were of such a personal nature I didn’t know what kind of reception I might get. With Camilla on board for our threesome I felt that she would at least be understanding of what had been happening to me behind closed doors.

I told her about the blindfolds and massages and all of our letters which put her in the right frame of mind before I started to tell her about some of the real craziness that had been going on. I told her about my walk to the bus, and my endless fidgeting. She was a little taken aback at first but not too shocked, I think. She seemed to have suspected that I was up to something but had not wanted to invade my privacy.

“But there is more.”


Alison began telling me about some of the little adventures she’d been having lately. Apparently, Jeremy had unlocked a side of her she didn’t know existed and every day she had discovered another level to reach for; our tryst being one of them. Essentially, since she’d met Jeremy, she’d been crossing things off her sexual bucket list, but the list kept getting longer. She told me that she hadn’t ever thought of having threesome, but after half a year with Jeremy it seemed wrong not to have a try. I said that it hadn’t been on my mind either but since she’d put the idea in my head, I hadn’t been able to think about anything else.

However, if I was being honest, I really wasn’t turned on by the anticipation of a threesome. Despite the novelty of the offer and my dearth of action in recent months my desire to have sex with a woman was where it had always been. That is, nowhere. However, after six months of jealously wondering what had been going on in the next room and finding out that it was better than I could have imagined, my need for Jeremy to get all up in my business was now at fever pitch. Agreeing to a threesome was just the key to unlocking that door. If I had had to strip off and embarrass myself in front of Alison to get what I wanted, then so be it.

I was going to have him.

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