Ch.30 What a night – Pt 1

“Oh, what a night!
Why’d it take so long to see the light?
Seemed so wrong but now it seems so right.
What a lady, what a night.”

– The Four Seasons

I was neurotic enough that I felt that I should do a critical evaluation of my personal presentation before I had agreed to do anything with Alison and Jeremy. So, one afternoon, with my door securely locked, I had a good look all over with various mirrors to check for any “blemishes”. Apart from the odd stray hair that was easily plucked I thought that I scrubbed up pretty well. I was not an athlete like Alison but as a healthy, slim 22-year-old I was quite agreeable in my humble opinion.

Alison and I had one last chat before Jeremy’s next visit. I was already over the line by that stage, but we still needed to establish some ground rules. We agreed that overall, I would be in control. Alison assured me that I wouldn’t have to do anything unless I initiated it and that Alison would not fuck me; both agreeing that that might be a step too far.

Jeremy came up after work on Friday, as usual, and I was glad that that he had come at least a day before the event so that I could cast a final critical eye over him, just in case. I knew that I wasn’t really looking for an excuse not to and was more likely looking for any excuse to do it. That’s the thing with basic physiology, like gravity, once it takes control, it’s hard to escape.

As I have already said, Jeremy was tall, dark haired and handsome. He was slim yet muscular, neat and tidy and well-groomed but not excessively. He moved about like someone who was confident and comfortable in their own skin but still respectful that he was a guest in our flat. No red flags. I was pretty confident that the only risk would be to my reputation, domestic arrangements and long-term emotional well-being. Nothing at all to a 22-year-old.


Camilla and I set some rules a few days before the weekend. I was still nervous about actually doing this, but I think I would have been disappointed if I backed out at that late stage. I gave Camilla the option of backing out at any point and told her that she wasn’t expected to do anything unless she was ok with it. We both agreed that I was not allowed to fuck her. I was happy to say it but secretly I knew that I might go back on my word if the mood took me. This might be my only ever chance to try.

We decided that it would be best to try on the Saturday night as that gave us both more time to reconsider if we wanted to change our minds. The plan was that we would all have dinner together that night. The signal that I was ready would be me saying that Jeremy and I would go for a walk, but actually head to my bedroom. Camilla would leave us and give us ten minutes. If she wanted to go further, then she would come into my room to “borrow my hairdryer” not expecting us to be there. We would then play it by ear.


I’d arranged with Alison that on the night, during dinner, my go-ahead signal would be for me to ask them what their plans for that night were. She would say they were going for walk and I would leave the room. I would come into her room 15 minutes later on the excuse that I was borrowing her hairdryer. And we would go from there. If I still wanted to opt out, then I just wouldn’t appear.

I used that final break to go back to my room and slip out of my clothes. My heart was pounding now, akin to the feeling you get just before you jump out of an aeroplane for the first time. I’d had the good sense to remove my underwear a few hours earlier so that there was no visible panty or bra line. I’d also taken Alison’s advice and visited the beautician the week before. And I was happy to say that I liked the look and feel of being hair free.

I covered up with nothing but my short silk robe, walked to Alison’s room, took a deep breath and opened the door.

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