Ch.30 What a night – Pt 2

“Three’s not a crowd to her,” she says
Room 714, I’ll be waiting
When I get there, she’s got incense, wine, and candles
It’s such a freaky scene”

-Rick James

On Saturday night we were eating dinner in Alison’s flat and talking to Camilla. It was all very casual and relaxed. Camilla asked us what we were going to do with the rest of our evening. We had no plans, but Alison volunteered that we might go for a walk after dinner. I was happy with that and thought nothing more of it. After checking the clock Camilla eventually left us and went back to her room.

We went into Alison’s room and I started looking around for my shoes, but then Alison shut the door and started kissing me. Clearly the walk talk was a ruse. We started petting and quickly undressed while standing in the middle of the room. We were just getting serious when the door opened and in walked Camilla. She was almost halfway into the room when she finally noticed us and stopped dead in her tracks.


To say that I was unprepared for what I saw would be an oversimplification. I suppose that I expected to find them both sitting down having a little chat and that I would innocently sit down with them and then as the situation gradually got heavier, I would be asked to stay. But to enter that scene, wearing only a gossamer of silk, and feel like I was overdressed had not crossed my mind. I felt that I’d taken a wrong turn and accidentally walked in on the set of a porno.


“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Camilla offered, covering her eyes and looking way. “I…I just wanted to borrow your hairdryer!”

I really had no idea what to do. Camilla had seen everything, we were both stark naked, I was fully erect and had my hands on Alison’s tits. There was no unseeing that.

“That’s ok,” Alison said. What else could she say? “We are just chatting. It’s on the desk behind us. Do you want to get it?”

I couldn’t work out if I was more impressed or shocked by Alison’s poise. I genuinely didn’t know what was happening.

“Let her through,” Alison said, taking a step back from me. I looked at her, then taking my cue, took one step back to open up a gap. Camilla looked at Alison, glanced sideways at me, and then tentatively stepped toward us. However, Alison had left such a small gap that the only way for Camilla to get past us was if she turned sideways. Either way she would have to brush both of us. I glimpsed her thin silk robe and guiltily felt myself stiffen at the impending contact. Camilla paused a moment then turned to face me and squeezed through.

Camilla touched me, with her barely clad belly, as she brushed past my stiffness causing the blood to surge and me to even feel a little faint. I wanted reach out and to touch her but controlled myself not willing to act lest I was given the nod. But Alison rocked slightly forward so that her naked breasts were visibly brushed by Camilla’s passage, Alison shutting her eyes in response to the pleasing stimulation. Then Alison stepped forward, embracing me, closing the gap, and then continued to kiss and stroke me as before.

Camilla walked to the desk and picked up the dryer, paused a moment, then slowly turned around. She was looking at us now, not turning away. Alison continued to pull on me but turned her head to address Camilla.

“You can stay if you want.”

Camilla was rooted to the spot not daring to move. Alison stepped toward her and took the dryer form her hands. My erection immediately became so engorged that it felt like it was going to burst.

Alison stepping behind Camilla said softly, “here, let me help.” Placing the dryer back on the desk Alison took hold of the cord on Camilla’s flimsy gown and untied it. Camilla didn’t resist but shivered briefly has her skin met the air. As her gown fell away Camilla’s perky B cups were revealed. They complemented her slim frame perfectly, her little nipples standing erect and accentuating her breasts’ shape. Camilla reflexively made to cover herself but, out of intent or politeness, managed to resist the urge.

Alison looked at me and with a smile said, “Isn’t she beautiful!”


“Why don’t you kiss her?”

I looked Alison dead in the eye, not believing what I had just heard. It was not a test; it was an order. She looked me in the eye and smiled. I glanced at Camilla who was staring back, eager for my response. I stepped forward and took Camilla arms in my hands.

Alison was grinning, watching the scene from behind.

“Kiss him,” she said.

Camilla looked at me tentatively but obeyed pushing her soft lips onto mine. We closed our eyes and kissed ever deeper, tongues slowly joining in the dance.

I was pulling Camilla closer when I felt Alison’s right hand brush past Camilla’s hip and slide up to Camilla’s right breast. Camilla felt it too, quickly realising that it wasn’t me. I felt her begin to pull away, so I held her tighter, daring her to deny her own pleasure. She relaxed and then came back to me, leaving Alison now free to explore her friend’s body. With her left-hand Alison brushed Camilla’s black hair aside and kissed her neck and shoulders.

Camilla sighed and shivered at Alison’s gentle assault. Unable to deny her part anymore, Camilla sought and found my dick and began to explore its size and length with her fingertips. I shuddered at the familiar sensation suddenly administered by unfamiliar hands. Camilla was discovering me for the first time and trying to find the right spot. I didn’t even try to tell her that it was all the right spot. I responded in kind, gently searching down her belly till I founder her smooth, and moist lips.

Minutes passed and then Alison’s left hand joined the party. It worked its way slowly over my right and nudged it gently out of the way and into Camilla’s wetness. Camilla sensed the change and tried to turn to say something to Alison but was quickly overwhelmed by Alison’s expert fingers doing something that no man ever could. Camilla sighed, her legs almost buckling as Alison found her mark. My right worked its way up to Camilla’s left breast and squeezed its perky firmness while my left sought out Alison’s right and began to work on her.

Camilla had the last free hand and it now moved behind her searching for Alison. Alison sighed and breathed in sharply signifying that Camilla’s fingers had made their entrance. Camilla was doing double duty now working on Alison and stimulating me slowly but skilfully.

With all our hands employed only one of Alison’s breasts was missing out on the party. I considered alternating between Camilla’s and hers, but I knew that any attempt at switching now might bring undone the elegant symphony of hands we had somehow mastered on our first attempt. Besides, Alison didn’t seem to be missing out. I could see that she was rubbing her breast against Camilla’s back while whispering sweet instructions to the pair of us.

“Kiss her. Grab my ass. Deeper, yep, fuck yes! Squeeze it. Slower. Softer. Suck his dick.”

With that last command Camilla gently pulled away from me and released both Alison and I from her caress. Alison looked me in the eye and smiled. It was too late to ask for permission. Every taboo had already been broken and there was no going back. Camilla paused a moment and looked me in the eye, realising that this was the last chance to stop. Her eyes told me that she torn between her good sense and her desire. Then she bit her lower lip – oh God, if you could bottle that – and lowered herself to her knees.

As Camilla knelt, Alison looked at me and smiled.

“I love you,” I said, placing my hands on her breasts.

“I love you too,” she replied, “but don’t cum…yet.”


At Alison’s urging I backed away from Jeremy as everyone slowly let go. I had never had another woman’s fingers in me, and Alison knew what she was doing. How could she not? I hoped she thought the same of me.

It was beyond worry at this point if someone now overstepped the mark. We were all naked, we’d had our hands everywhere it was possible, and I’d been kissing Alison’s boyfriend in front of her for the better part of ten minutes. That I would now take him in my mouth as she watched was a small step from there.

From my new position I was better able to size Jeremy up. Strong thighs covered by a manly crop of dark hair. He (or Alison) had kept his pubic hair trim which was a nice surprise. Not only would it make sucking him more pleasant, but it also made him look more impressive than he already was.

Not that he was huge, just normal I supposed. He had a good thickness to him and had been circumcised. It’s not fair I know, but I’ve always felt that a circumcised man seemed somewhat ‘cleaner’. It also exposed his head which was so engorged by this point it was practically shining. As I readied myself to take him in, I could see it throbbing with each heartbeat.

I like to do it as slowly as I can. So, I steadied myself by holding Jeremy by the back of his thighs and licked him slowly up from the base to the tip on one side then repeating it on the other. He sighed and groaned which set my heart a flutter. I took his head in my mouth and moved my hand onto him and began to slowly stroke.

I’d almost forgotten Alison was in the room by that point.


“Enough,” Alison said softly a few minutes later. Camilla slowly eased off, much to my disappointment, and released me. She looked slightly dazed, lightheaded almost, like she was in some kind of trance.

“Lie on the bed.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I eased myself down as Alison took Camilla by the hands and helped her stand. Camilla obeyed her without a word and stood facing her. Alison turned slowly and looked me in the eye. She paused a moment and mouthed, “I love you,” then turned back to Camilla and kissed her on the mouth passionately, slowly and lingering.

Alison then led Camilla over to the bed. Urging Camilla forward she helped her on to the bed and over me. Alison straddled my chest as Camilla slid onto me, instantly relieving the tension with her warm and wet embrace. Alison gave me a huge smile, which reminded me of that rugby game months earlier, then swung leg over me and sat on my face. I grabbed her bum and pulled her toward me till my face was a mess with her sweet juices.

Alison bucked and lent forward, arms balancing on the bed head.

Alison and Camilla now began to ride and grind me. I was completely pinned, not able to roll off or thrust up. My release was now at Camilla’s mercy, my mouth at the behest of Alison’s ass. All I could do was eat for all I was worth and reach out and grab whatever I could find. Both Alison and Camilla’s tits were easily within my reach, but I took care to spend most time on Alison and never one hand on each of them.

When the pleasure became too much Alison tried to pull away, but I clamped down on her thighs and wouldn’t let her escape. She twisted this way and that, while all the time Camilla pounded away. Blind bar the odd glimpse of Alison’s tits and face, I had no idea what Camilla was doing except that the sensations in my crouch now began to reach critical. Unable to control speed or stroke I had no option but to let it happen.

Camilla was pumping faster now, and I could hear her soft grunts of pleasure. Alison gasped, I came, but Camilla kept going. The pleasure was intense, but Camilla was unrelenting. She was on a mission. I squeezed her tits hoping that somehow it would help, her, me, it didn’t matter. Still she went on, I felt that I was trapped by some machine, more and more pleasure, unable to escape. Finally, with a guttural cry, Camilla came, her legs giving way, she collapsed half on me and half on Alison’s back. Alison was also still shaking, her tits jiggling with each aftershock.

“My legs,” Alison said, “I can’t move!”

I slid her down off my face onto my chest kissing her breasts as she too collapsed on me. We lay there, in that puddle of limbs and sweat, not being able or willing to move till we all feel asleep.

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