Ch.31 Not there

“Well, let me tell you ’bout the way she looked,
The way she acted, the colour of her hair.
Her voice was soft and cool,
Her eyes were clear and bright,
But she’s not there.”

– The Zombies

We all spent a restless night together in Alison’s bed. I don’t know what the plans had been for after, but Camilla seemed unwilling to leave and Alison didn’t try to move her on.

I remember starting the night closest to the wall while Camilla was on the other edge of the bed and Alison in-between. There wasn’t enough room to all lie flat together so we spooned for the most part. I was able to comfortably reach my left arm over Alison to her opposite breast or shoulder while Alison did the same for Camilla. But we wriggled around a fair bit in that mess of limbs, so I wasn’t entirely sure who was touching who at any one point.

At 4am Alison got up to go to work at the bakery. I drowsily watched her slide out of bed and pad naked around the room looking for her clothes. The vision of her doing mundane tasks in the nude always thrilled me and I soaked her in. She dressed and kissed me and silently left me to finally roll onto my back and then doze off in the warmth she had left behind.


Just after 4am I woke to the sound of Alison leaving. As she left the bed, I suddenly felt the temperature drop so I reached around for the sheet which had ended up at the base of the bed due to the heat we had all generated together. To my surprise, the sheet appeared out of the gloom to suddenly cover me. That’s when I remembered that Jeremy was still there.

With that realisation I was suddenly wide awake! The events of the previous evening now foremost in my mind. Suddenly the feelings and sensations of what had happened washed over me and I rolled over to inspect my prize. I looked him over again, free to gawk unashamed knowing that no one was watching me. I slowly lifted the sheet and had a secret perv. Jeremy stirred a little but didn’t wake. He was lying on his back which made my job easier.

“Yep,” I sighed, “totally worth it!”

With Alison finally gone I put my plan into action. With some trepidation I slowly reached toward him until I had found my mark. He was soft now, almost small but only in comparison to what I had encountered earlier. My first task was to get it back up to a useful size. With my index fingertip only, at first, I very gently stroked him down his length. For a short time, I worried that it wasn’t working because he was too fast asleep. But only moments later I felt him begin to grow.

I was able to use two fingertips then, switching to his underside as his erection began to stand up. Even though I could not see much in that light I was still fascinated at the rapid change his organ had in such a brief period. His breathing began to shallow, and he started to stretch like a large cat uncurling.


It was still dark when I thought I felt Alison returning to the bed. Still half asleep I slid over to make room for her and in no time, she was naked beside me. There was musk to her that I couldn’t quite place but that still smelt familiar. I lost my train of thought though when I felt her warm fingers reach for me and begin to fondle me into action like she had one hundred times before. Keeping my eyes closed I tried to focus on the sensation of being expertly brought to life, but something felt amiss. I was in Alison’s bed, we were naked, and she was stroking me into action; the story checked out. I was barring up as expected but I knew something was off. Then it hit me, this wasn’t Alison. Barely daring to open my eyes, I finally looked only to see Camilla!

Staring back at me she whispered, “It’s okay, Alison wouldn’t have wanted you to get lonely.”

“What the fuck!?” I thought to myself. “Alison wants me to fuck her friend?”

“It’s just a bit of fun, you can pretend that I’m Alison.” Camilla kissed me and rolled over on her side. “I’m ready, go deep as you can.”

Alison had clearly been talking about me, but this was insane. What was happening here? Five months earlier I was on the verge of a break-up from an unhappy relationship and now I was screwing the world’s most insanely desirable girl and her friend! What crazy series of random events had occurred to make this moment possible?

Sensing my hesitation Camilla played her ace. “You can finish in my ass if you please me first.”

That did it. I had never had an offer like that and in a moment of insanity I made my choice. I was deep into Camilla seconds later. No if buts or maybes, I was doing this. There were no grey areas, I was committed to the path and I couldn’t that pretend later that this didn’t happen.

Camilla was sopping wet, and it felt great to be in her again. Alison was always amazing but the sensation of getting some strange was great change up. Her slimmer limbs and torso gave me a feeling of greater size and strength and in a frenzy, I now powered into her, stoke after stroke. I could see her riding the thrusts like a ship being battered by a storm. She stared at me, gaping wide-eyed each time I smacked into her and I began to shunt her slim frame off the bed. She reached up for the bed post, clinging on to maintain her position.

“St-stop,” she begged “let me move.”

I eased out of her and she wriggled back into the centre, but I wasn’t letting her take control. I rolled her over, so she was flat down on her chest then slid into her again. The friction is perfect in this position and you can imagine that you are ass fucking for extra mental stimulation. A girl’s bum is also ideally placed to offer natural resistance and padding, like a sexy shock absorber.

With all those factors working against me I soon began to feel the end approaching. As my breath shortened, Camilla sensed my situation and looked back at me. Whether she now regretted her earlier offer I don’t know but it was too late, and the moment was too good. I exploded into her with a loud groan, feeling like my entire lifetime supply was emptying out all at once. I collapsed upon her back, our sweat feeling like an ocean between us. So hot, so exhausted, so, so wrong.

I lay on Camilla for ages as we both breathed heavily and shook. When I started to feel the cold, I rolled off her and exposing her to the air, taking in a good look at her body from behind without any shame. When she finally moved, she curled up into a ball and looked me in the eye.

“You missed my ass.”


“Next time.” Camilla readied herself to leave.

“Next time?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. This is just between you and me.” She kissed me. “It’ll be our little secret.” Camilla said as she padded naked out the door and out into the darkness.

I lay there in that bed until sunrise my mind racing. Had I pushed these games too far and now it had come back to bite me? What should I do, tell Alison? Clearly yes, that is what you do when you have done something wrong. But what good would that do? It would destroy her. But if I hid it, I would be adding to the crime and I would have to rely on Camilla keeping her mouth shut. Could she do it? Would she? I thought of going to her room to have it out with her, but I didn’t know who would see me and I didn’t know what time Alison would be back.

I was still lying there when Alison returned. The room was still gloomy but was obviously her this time. Her eyes had to adjust to the dark so she couldn’t tell that mine were open. As I watched her, she slipped off her clothes and slid under the covers next to me. She kissed me on the check softly and disappeared under the blanket working her way downward.  I moved to stop her, but she was too fast. She had me in her mouth before I could say anything, and I got hard in spite of myself. She took her time using her tongue over every inch of me before she climbed onto me an eased herself into position. As always, we both gasped at the initial penetration.

Knowing now that I was awake, she whispered, “Mmmmm, I’ve never tasted another women before, she’s sweet.”

I was about to laugh out loud in spite of myself when Alison lent down and kissed me on the mouth.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I thought to myself.”

Then she unexpectedly said, “We’ll have to do that again some time.”


Jeremy started to speak, “Alison I…” but I cut him off with another kiss.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about anything, it was just a little fun.” I said. “Nothing that happened last night matters. We will probably never see Camilla again.”

Jeremy still seemed to be concerned so I decided to ease his mind in the best way that I knew how. I threw off the blanket and pulled myself off him for a moment then climbed back on board and instantly rewarded us both with our ever-faithful sensation of re-penetration.

I was just beginning to get to some satisfaction when I heard the door open behind me. By that stage I had lost the ability to feel shame so without any sense of urgency I turned slowly around to see Camilla striding into the room as naked as she was when I left them several hours earlier. If hadn’t known her better, I would have called it strutting.

Without saying a word, she sat down in my chair and regarded us both with a huge smile. I was almost lost for words but managed a confused greeting.

“Good morning?”

“Yes it is.”

“Have you lost something?”

“No, but…ah there it is.” Camilla bent down and retrieved her robe from my floor. “I might need this later, or I’ll get some funny looks from the rest of the girls.

Then it hit me. “Are you here to borrow the hairdryer again?


“Why are you here?”
Camilla dropped her robe to the floor, spread her legs wide, and looked me square in the eye

“I’m here to watch.”

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