2023 Plans

Thank you to everyone who viewed When Jerry Met Ali in 2022. Despite the years it took to come full circle, the writing and publishing of the story was surprisingly fast once I set up my site and got going. Editing, which is ongoing, has been a pleasure not a chore.

The main draft was in the can by late November with rewrites and edits continuing up to last minute. The main story came in at just over 50k words which unofficially makes it a novel. When I began this journey, I didn’t think that that would be the destination.

But why stop there?

I’ve used the last few weeks since I finished to consider where to go from here. I have achieved what I set out to do but the process has been so enjoyable I feel that writing has now become a very good habit. And there is still more story to tell.

So, in 2023 I intend to write and publish a series of short stories that will continue with the WJMA timeline. Each story will be about 10k words and split into parts for ease of reading and editing. Story one is now underway, and I hope to publish it by the end of the month.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading WJMA as much as I enjoyed writing it. Love to hear from you in the comments.

Dr Girlfriend.

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