When Jerry met Ali – Book Two: The Ghost of Timor

An excerpt from the new short story beginning at the end of January. Hope this whets your appetite. – Dr Girlfriend.

Pinned beneath him and unable to move Alison was effectively his toy. She could have protested but she didn’t want to. After all, no one else had tried to get her off in almost a decade.

As her pleasure built, Alison could feel Jeremy’s cum slowly trickling down her leg. She didn’t care; this wasn’t a job interview and she was pretty sure that she had already passed the physical. The wrongness of her situation just made this moment all the more right.

“Where have you been all my life!” She asked herself rhetorically. She knew full well that answer to that one. And although there was no do overs in this lifetime she found herself beginning to question her reasons for some of the decisions that she had made in the last century. Her rising feeling of pleasure snapped her out it and brought her back to reality.

“Reflect later,” her body told her, “right now we’re a little busy.”

When Alison came it wasn’t in the usual way. A decade of self-service when her husband had been out on the town at night with his mates was just a matter of survival. Something to relieve an itch or help her get to sleep. This was something different altogether. This was a fuck!

And when it happened she thought she was about to faint. The pleasure was intense, akin to when she was 15 – the first time she had ever cum. A sensation so pleasurable and foreign that she couldn’t understand what was happening to her. A confusion of guilt and ecstasy had overwhelmed her pubescent mind then and now she was feeling it again.

“I guess it’s not like riding a bike after all.”

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