That’s very interesting

My blog took a while to find its feet and I am still trying to improve it every day. But I was a little disappointed when my story wasn’t an instant smash hit. Why did all those other blogs have thousands of followers and I only had a handful?

A very, very loyal handful I might add. Thank you all who have stuck with me from the beginning.

By my standards, the blog has taken off since the beginning of the year. I’m regularly picking up a few new followers each week and my likes are way up – by my standards.

So, when I had a low view day today I had a look at my stats page and noticed something interesting.

99% of my views come from WordPress Reader and the remainder from my pitiful number of social media followers. But I had never seen a refer from a search engine until today. So I searched for ‘When Jerry met Ali’ on and got the following result:

These were the top results on Duck Duck Go. Eight of the first ten results were WJMA pages and three of the images that I’ve used in the blog also appeared. So I dug a little more.

The top two Google hits were:

And lastly, the top search results on Bing:

I admit that I hadn’t used a search engine for a month or two to look for my site so I might be wrong but the only thing that I knew had changed since the last time I looked was that I published WJMA to Smashwords three days ago.

That’s very interesting.

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