When Jerry met Ali – The Ghost of Timor

Flashman – Scoundrel, cheat, bully, cad, lecher and the best entertainment going! Villainy triumphmant!”

– Houston Chronicle

I am only days away from posting part 1 of my new short: WJMA – The Ghost of Timor. The story is still set in the WJMAverse but for this story I am going to attempt to emulate George MacDonald Fraser’s infamous 19th Century rogue, Flashman. Not in character but with Flashman’s ability to get caught up in real world historical events and influence their outcome.

My ambition is to follow world events from 1997 to 2022 and have the stories intersect with the people and places who faced those moments.

I am hoping to release something for you to enjoy and critique every week. I look forward to any feedback you can provide.

  • Dr Girlfriend.

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