Film Courage: 7 lessons on selling a book

Anna David, Publisher, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Television Personality:The tragedy I see is people work really hard on their books and then they pay attention to it for a week and then they move on to the next. That book is there for the rest of your life.  Film Courage: If no one reads […]

7 Lessons On Selling A Book – Anna David — Film Courage – Empowering Creatives

3 thoughts on “Film Courage: 7 lessons on selling a book”

  1. Use Facebook, use any media you have. Sneak in.. YouTube. Strong place to sell book. Do verbal readings. I know many writers that pushed their book on YouTube. Even a chapter. Now I listen to the ancient books and the new writers on YouTube. The successful singers push their music. Writers must do the same.

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