When Jerry Met Ali – Book One: The Night We Met

Jeremy is a twenty-something army officer living at wrong end of a broken relationship. He is not looking to get out, but he knows that love was supposed to be better than what he’s seen so far.

Alison is a college undergraduate who takes on all challenges with enthusiasm and energy. But she is still inexperienced in the ways of love and romance.

Jeremy and Alison are living 200 miles apart blissfully unaware of each other’s existence. Yet in just a few weeks they are destined to come together in a place neither of them had been and would never return.

Is Alison the one to reignite the spark in Jeremy’s life? Will Jeremy be the man to rescue Alison from drowning in a sea of boys? Are they fated to fall in love forever, or will life get in the way?

Reviews of When Jerry Met Ali

“Great debut novel! From the start, the pacing is fast and to the point. Great for a quick, hot, enjoyable read. Loved spending time with these characters and observing how their relationship grows and morphs. Dialogue is plucky and erotic scenes are steamy and gratifying. Definitely looking forward to what this author has to offer next!”

Sydney Stone – Fire-Side Tales

“A stunning real-life love story with lots of twists, kinks and turns… Beautiful romance. ⭐️”

Brett – Scribd

“A surprisingly unique take on the genre, loved it”

Anonymous 5.0 out of 5 stars Great read!

“Jeremy is an officer leading the reservist military exercise that Ali is participating in. I wasn’t sure of their chemistry at first, but a delightful game of touch football at the end of the exercise changed my mind. 

The true raunchiness begins after both have returned to their regular lives in Sydney and Canberra. They struggle with the long distance nature of their budding relationship, but find ways to keep things sexy in between visits. 

Watching Ali become increasingly confident is a delight – she’s a bit of a minx. The author also does a great job of escalating the sexual chemistry with each encounter (like a good vindaloo, it gets hotter the further you get into it). But at the same time, the romantic relationship stays so warm and genuine.”

Kristy 4.5

“When Jerry Met Ali is steamy, vivid, and engaging.
The way this story is written allows the reader to immerse themselves into each main characters’ experience of events.
The reader is taken on a sensual journey of discovery and pleasure, leaving them both satisfied but wanting more.
Eagerly looking forward to the next installment of When Jerry Met Ali!”

Anne 5/5

“This was a spicy one. Lots to love about it— from multiple love scenes to a rotating voice which gives readers a glimpse of events from both lovers’ point of view.”

Warrior K 5/5

“A romance novel set in the heart (literally) of the bush capital? Say no more! A refreshing debut for this up-and-coming Canberra author, When Jerry Met Ali unfurls a narrative filled with love and heartbreak from a male perspective. The characters are lovable, the plot is one that stays with you, and the scene has a distinctly Canberra flavour. We can’t wait to see more from this local talent.”

Elaine Obran – Her Canberra
"I absolutely loved this charming and captivating romance, I couldn't put it down. So well written and a great cast I was drawn in from the start what a great writer."
Reviewer 968180
"Very spicy and short read. Goes between Allison and Jeremy’s perspectives of things and their whirlwind relationship.
If you need a quick read. This one isn’t bad."
Megan M
"A creative book that is easy to read and flows fast. The plot moves along quickly along the erotic genre, with some scenes described. Detail and tension are missing from the story, but this is easily overcome with the twist at the end of the book.

Overall a quick and easy read"
Heath H, Media/Journalist
"Jeremy and Ali have almost an instant attraction. This attraction cannot be denied. This was a steamy book."
Julia R

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  1. Hello and I recommend check out Pryde Foltz on YouTube. I bought three of her books. She is a amazing huckster. I believe hearing the reader voice, seeing their face. Make personal. My favorite of her on the YouTube was “The wisp.” I love the word. Wisp.

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  2. You are welcome. I must read to write. I retired in September 2022. I will publish my work soon. The hard part. Editing. I have one large story left to edit. I enjoyed your work. Your story is filled with adventure.

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