Follower Drive Giveaway

I have slowly been earning followers since I began this blog in September of 2022 and yesterday, I reached 75. That is not a major milestone, but it puts 100 within reach. Rather than wait for that to happen organically I’m going to try a little experiment and see if I can boost things a little.

In order to reach 100, I am going to offer my book, When Jerry Met Ali, for free, to any new followers and to all my existing followers if I can reach 100 in the next 25 days (75+25=100). Sunday 12 March 2023 is the target date. Just leave me a message at and I’ll send you a pdf or epub once we hit 100.

Thank you all for your support.

5 thoughts on “Follower Drive Giveaway”

  1. I like it. Keep pushing your book. Use the Facebook too. Huckster, we must be. Keep connecting to other writers on sites. We learn from each other. I have a voice like Kosinski. I would try, one day. Reading a chapter on YouTube can find new readers and book buyers.

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  2. My pleasure. I am behind. Here in Michigan and the Turkey/Syria earthquake. Keeping my mind busy. I will read your book ASAP. You are welcome. Us, who love to write. We must help each other.

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