Follower Drive eBook Giveaway Update

Hello everybody. A quick update on my follower drive. I’ve picked up ten new followers since my initial offer two weeks ago. Still tracking well and 15 more is not too many more to reach the 100 mark.

One follower, the wonderful John Coyote reblogged my offer on his blog which garnered me most of my new followers. If that is something that you feel you could also, do I believe that would help.

I reiterate my original offer that in order to reach 100 followers, I am offering my book, When Jerry Met Ali, for free, to any new followers and to all my existing followers if I can reach 100 in the next 12 days. Sunday 12 March 2023 is the target date. Just leave me a message at and I’ll send you a pdf or epub once we hit 100.

Thank you all for your support.

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