Alone now

An excerpt from When Jerry Met Ali – Chapter 7 – I Think We Are Alone Now.

My shorts came down next, softer kisses on my belly and hips, hands on my legs and bum. So wet. A pause and his hands were on my bra, fingers tracing the line where fabric met flesh. I quivered on the edge of the abyss, the last barrier before the plunge. My bra slowly came up and over my head, great attention not to disturb the blindfold. Suddenly I was free, the cool air causing me to shiver and harden. Warm breath and kisses on each breast, softer still. I gushed and moistened.

More kisses on my belly, firm hands on my ass. A kiss on my pants now saturated with anticipation. A pause, one more kiss, and slowly my pants fell away. I was his, naked and vulnerable. He could do anything and I wanted him to do it. Kisses on my thighs, hands on my bum. A pause, then he lowered me to the chair.

I was so wet now that I could feel it puddling up on the chair beneath me. Another pause, the silence only broken by my breathing. His hands were on me again, gently caressing every curve. Kisses on my mouth, my neck, my breasts. Hands slowly moving over me. Kisses on my thighs, hands gently easing my legs apart. More kisses, a nibble! A tongue on my clit.

“Oh God yes, please!” Kisses, closer, warm breath, closer, a tongue. Hands everywhere. A tongue, a tongue, oh fuck yes…. a tongue!

Waves of pleasure enveloped me as I shuddered in the darkness. I was done, but I didn’t dare move without Jeremy’s permission. He had total control of me. I was his to use and command. But he hadn’t finished. His hands moved across me again, gentler this time, touching only that which had not been touched, kissing that which had. The wave continued to roll on at his gentle urging, unable to fully recede. Minutes passed, my skin continuing to tingle under his tender assault. Then the kisses began to work their magic again. He went down a second time.

“Oh good, good, good! Yes, just there, that’s it.”

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