The great book sale

It has been just over 24 hours since my book, When Jerry Met Ali, went on sale in the Smashwords yearly promotion. I am very happy with the way my book is flying off the virtual shelves and I have you to thank for it.

While 15 books might not seem like a lot, each sale represents a possible review and a factor in the algorithm which will push my book higher up the best seller list.

So how is your nation going? Let’s take a look.

Once again the US is in the lead but as they have over 300m English speakers that shouldn’t be a surprise. Without their support I would be nothing. The UK and Australia are locked in second and I am hoping that in the spirit of good competition they will try to out do each other. Brave little Serbia and Mauritius are punching above their weight. A big shout out to France and Germany who came in late as the sun began to rise on Europe. Well done Czech though!

The sale continues all week so lets see what happens. USA vs the world? Anglo-sphere vs the rest? China and India don’t disappoint.

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