I wish

An excerpt from When Jerry Met Ali free now for a short time at Smashwords.

One evening I came home, and the news coverage was on yet again. I sighed, but as it was late; I didn’t complain. Then I noticed the letter waiting for me on the bench and I hoped it was another from Jeremy. It was, and I felt the same tingle of excitement that I usually got when I was expecting another instalment of “When Jerry fucked Ali.”

I settled onto the couch next to the girls and went into my little world, barely acknowledging the weak attempts at greetings by my morbidly curious flatmates. This letter had Jeremy in a tuxedo and me in a slinky evening dress at a party, sneaking out to a balcony and him bending me over the balustrades – I’d have to remember that one. Again, the detail and imagery were very explicit – not grossly though – and I felt my heart quicken and the temperature rise.

As I read more, Jeremy describing the sensation of him entering me, my hand wondered down between my thighs as it usually did when I was reading any of his letters. It was easy enough to slip my hand into the fly of my uniform, where I could already feel the dampness of my pants.

“Alison!” Jeremy grunted as he emptied himself into me.


I closed my eyes, touching my clit through the cloth.

“Alison!” a female voice called.

Shit, I’d forgotten where I was! Petrified that I had I’d been caught with my hand in my pants, I sheepishly asked, “Yes?”

“Do you want a cup of tea?” Fiona asked. “You look so tired. You know you had your eyes shut.”

“Oh, um, did I? Oh, er, no, no thank you.”

“You should go to bed.”

I agreed.

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