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By lunchtime, I was happy that I had had my “fill” of Jeremy, but I wasn’t going to leave while there was still a chance of a little more. Alison had also kept her promise of not fucking me, and vice versa. Though, by that stage, I was pretty much up for anything.

So, it wasn’t until they suggested lunch that I remembered I hadn’t eaten since last night or had much water to drink. I wanted to continue with our fun–I didn’t want it to end–so I was happy to grab some food on the pretext that we were just refuelling for the next round.

I expected that we’d all go out together when Jeremy smiled and dared me to do it naked. It was an outrageous request and wouldn’t have even been a joke at any other time, but we’d just spent the last 12 hours doing more scandalous things, so it suddenly didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

I know why I did it. I looked at the two naked people in front of me and remembered that I would see none of these people again. I’d played it safe for four years and all I had to show for my university experience was a degree. So why not have a little fun on my way out the door? Why not go out with a bang?

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  1. A poem for you.
    ‘Just a dare,
    just a flash of my bare leg for you.
    I wanted to make you smile.
    I wanted to make you wonder,
    I wanted you to come to me.
    Raise my leg up,
    caress with the need,
    to want more.
    Was just a dare.
    To make you see me.”

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