A Reply to Eavesdrop by ErosPoetry

my mother taught me that it’s rude to 
eavesdrop… but what if the person is 
hoping that you are?[Come inside and stay awhile…]

Escapril 2nd – Eavesdrop — ErosPoetry

The woman at the next table
We paid the waiter to seat us
Close as he could

She was exactly our type

Beneath the table we touched
No wine needed to release our desire

She was looking down my top
I whispered in his ear
Say it louder he said
Maybe we should have her for dessert!

I look at her and lick my lips
Sitting back down
Would you like to come with us?
And have something sweet?

She joins us. Sitting in between
No small talk. Just whispers in her ears.
Beautiful. Stunning. Sexy.
A hand on each thigh.

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