A little appetiser ahead of the next chapter of the Ghost of Timor from my first story, When Jerry Met Ali: The Night We Met. You can read the full chapter here. Enjoy.

I was satisfied that I’d done something silly and exciting, but I still had my limits. I wanted to lean into final assault on my now well overdue orgasm. I supported myself with my outstretched left arm and I quickly finished myself off with my right. It had been a long time coming – so to speak – and when I finally came I kind of lay there in foetal position not moving, just enjoying the feeling as the waves slowly ebbed away. I’d been in that position on the cold concrete floor for too long by the time I began to feel my leg cramping and I knew it was time to get up. I was carefully stretching out my leg when I first heard the voices.

Male voices, lots of them and they were coming my way. I tried not to panic, why should I? I was only crouched naked on the floor of the male showers at an army base with hundreds of teenagers converging on me with a cramp. Piece of cake! I quickly reasoned that they were either coming my way or they weren’t. If the former, at this rate, I would have to sacrifice my dignity or my anatomy. My choice made; I carefully began to stretch out my leg so as not to tear anything. I knew a slip would make my situation far worse. As the voices grew louder, I had a moment to reflect on what seemed like such a solid plan only five minutes earlier but now seemed like madness.

By the time I was up on my feet I clearly had company and they were now blocking my way back to my clothes. As I’d left behind my bra and undies back in my hut there was nothing to distinguish my gym clothes from a guy’s so my new friends wouldn’t be immediately suspicious seeing them hung up. Yay me. If they noticed at all they would likely assume that another guy had arrived earlier than them. That didn’t solve my very real problem though that, within minutes, I would be naked and surrounded by an unknown number of nude teenagers. I looked around in the hope that I had missed a second door or a magical cache of perfectly fitting clothes but to no avail. My plan of being as far away from clothes as I could be while I masturbated in the male showers had just gone from sexy to stupidity.

Every second I waited led me closer to having to fight my way through a forest of penises in the nude just to make it out the door. Not a fantasy that I had ever contemplated or desired. There were only two options left, pray for a miracle that I knew wouldn’t come or brazen it out. Resigned to the least-worst option I sucked in a deep breath and stepped out in front of them.

My first thought upon entering that room was not of shame but that they were the filthiest boys in the world! Then it hit me, the reason why the camp had seemed so empty that morning. All of the cadets had all been off completing the obstacle course before breakfast and now they were back for their showers! What an idiot I was! Within a moment two of them had noticed me and stopped talking to their mates. I had to get out of there fast but not so fast that it looked like I knew that I was guilty. I was about to grab my things and leave, hoping that those two would be too stunned to react, when the rest of the group turned as one in my direction.

Knowing that I had to do something to flip the script I said as confidently as I could, “well someone is in the wrong place aren’t they!” It must have thrown them just enough that some of them looked at each other in puzzlement or out the door, unsure now if they had just blundered into the girl’s showers by accident. Seizing the opportunity, I strode over to my clothes and removed them from the bolt on which they were hanging. Some of the cadets were looking away lest they cop an eyeful and get in trouble but not all of them were fooled. I didn’t have time to get dressed before they clued-in so bundled my clothes together and walked straight out the door. Luckily for me there wasn’t a long line of filthy teenagers queued up for the next hundred metres waiting outside for me. In fact, there was no one. This group had somehow made it back to the camp well in advance of the rest of the cadets and I had had the misfortune – entirely through my own fault – of being in the one place they come first on their return. I dashed to the girl’s showers and dressed. There was no one here yet and I realised that bar that small group, I had actually gotten away with it.

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