A Quick When Jerry Met Ali Announcement

Since I started this blog late last year my original plan of recording a story has evolved into something larger and longer. The name for the Blog and the book were the first idea that popped into my head and seemed appropriate for that time.

Now that that a second book is well under way, and I have sketched out the plans for the following three, the original name for the first book, When Jerry Met Ali (WJMA), has been superseded. The blog will remain known as WJMA and that will be the subtitle for all books in the continuum. Anyone looking for my books or stories will still be able to find them by following me or searching for When Jerry Met Ali.

However, that means that I will have to re-title book one. The name that I have settled on is, The Night We Met, which I have taken from the Lord Huron song of the same name. If you haven’t encountered this band before I encourage you to at least give that album a try. At over 200 listens so far it is my favourite album of all time. And that is coming from someone who also owns Leonard Cohen’s Live in London.

As for the next year, my plans are as follows:

  • Publish Book Two mid-2023. Book Two will still be called (the) Ghost of Timor. I have had to cut the ‘The’ to fit the book cover.
  • Commence work on books three and four. Book Three is as yet untitled but will pick up directly on the events following The Night We Met. Book Four will be called, Tampa Gold, and be set on the high seas off the coast of Australia in 2001.
  • Book Five will take place in 2002 on the island of Bali.

A little ambitious maybe but that is my intent. Having my followers cheer me on will only encourage me to keep going.

Thanks for your support – Audrey Horne (aka Doctor Girlfriend)

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